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Hiking in Nepal

Nepal is a heaven for every hiker around the world where you can enjoy the magnificent viewpoints of outrageous mountains, Himalayan ranges along with exotic sunrise and sunsets. Nepal is packed with many natural localities where a single day hiking event can be put into practice. 

Hiking in Nepal is an event that is incorporated of highland destination that has magnificent viewpoints of Himalaya ranges assorted with valley outlooks in the form of towns and villages. Hiking in Nepal is always a fascinating travel experience when it is bundled with adventure sports like Bungee Jumping, Rafting, Ice-climbing, Rock Climbing, Mountain Flight, Canyon, and Paragliding. These events are generally a single day adventure travel event that falls under the category of hiking in Nepal.

Hiking is similar to trekking yet it is somewhat dissimilar then trekking. Hiking is the best option to experience the way of life, ethnicity, and nature. Hiking is the traveler’s encounter with nature in the form of the picnic, adventure sport, safari and other variety. Hiking in Nepal provides us the opportunity to observe the traditional locals and tribes in their conventional way of life. It also provides the opportunity to investigate the diverse vegetation of Nepal along with antique establishments and picturesque things.

Trekking Planner composes all types of hiking and day strolling visits in Nepal with sensible costing. We give all conceivable help and guidelines to make your vacation enjoyable and hassle-free. We have been composing short treks and visits for individual and gathering. We generally say that ”Customer Satisfaction is our most objective of doing business”.

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