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Peak Climbing in Nepal

With 1310 Himalayan peaks rising to 5,000 meters or higher, including 8 of the world's 14 highest peaks, Nepal is known as a mountainous nation. 20 royalty-free peaks are among the 326 peaks that are currently accessible for climbing. For mountaineering, trekking, and expeditions, tourists from all over the world travel to Nepal.

One of the most well-liked adventure activities for thrill-seekers in Nepal is peak climbing. Island Peak, Mera Peak, Lobuche East and West Peaks, Tawache Peak, Kwangde Peak, Cho La Peak, Cholatse Peak, Pokalde Peak, Nayanka Peak, Pisang Peak, Dhampus Peak, and others are the most well-known trekking peaks in Nepal.

Since Nepal began welcoming visitors in the 1950s, peak climbing has become yet another popular activity. Mountaineering includes everything from scaling the highest peak on Earth to scaling smaller peaks. While no prior experience is necessary for peak climbing in Nepal, you should be mentally and physically prepared for an adventurous ascent.

Climbers must follow guidelines established by the Nepal Mountaineering Association when ascending peaks. Before starting their ascent, climbers are required to obtain permits, which are issued by the Nepal Mountaineering Association for 32 smaller peaks known as trekking peaks and by the ministry of tourism and civil aviation for 135 larger peaks known as mountaineering peaks, along with an experienced climbing guide.

The Nepal Mountaineering Association has made it mandatory to deposit a certain sum with the relevant authority as a "garbage management deposit fund," which is only reimbursable following the declaration that garbage management has been properly completed. The government will not return the deposit in the event that the garbage is not returned or destroyed. The best times to climb mountains are from March through May in the spring, June through August in the summer, September through November in the fall, and December through February in the winter. The three categories of climbing peaks are A, B, and C.

Peak climbing in Nepal has been organized for years by Holiday Tours Nepal. Regarding peak climbing, we offer all the assistance and advice we can. The Nepal Mountaineering Association counts us as a contributing member, and we offer peak permits to climbers. Additionally, for individuals or groups, we create specialized packages and itineraries. We'll assist you in making your travel arrangements so that you can enjoy your trip.

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