Homestay in Nepal

Nepal is a destination for eco-tourism, cultural tourism, natural and adventure tourism. Most of the people of Nepal live in rural areas depending upon the farming, carrying the typical culture and tradition of Nepalese local society. Homestay accommodation in Nepal is a unique opportunity based in peaceful villages away from the urban crowd to taste the real lifestyle of Nepalese people.

So, Trekking Planner also gives importance to the development of homestay in Nepal in various parts of the country including newly developed tourist destinations. In the hospitality sector, homestay is universally considered to be an excellent alternative to hotel accommodation.

In Nepalese family homestay, you will be enjoying your homestay in Nepal as a family member. Really, Homestay in Nepal or Village life in Nepal will take your heart and will make you come to Nepal time to time for homestay in Nepal. You will enjoy rich cultures and vibrant traditions, exquisite temples and monuments as well as fast flowing rivers and tropical jungles teeming with wildlife, making your trip an unforgettable experience in Nepal homestay.

Trekking Planner offers you various types of Nepal homestay services whether that is for few days or long time to learn the local people lifestyle. If you want to stay a long time for homestay in Nepal. Please Contact Us we will happily manage homestay in Nepal as per your needs.


Homestay in Nepal Packages