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Normally days are clear above 2,500 m above and as well depending upon season around Himalaya region, sometimes the weather can be unpredictable on mountainous region.

April to May is main trekking and visiting months around Nepal Himalayan destinations, where morning and midday are clear with sunshine afternoon can be clouded blocking the views of peaks sometimes.

September to November are high season visiting Nepal Himalayan areas when a day is mostly with clear blue sky and views of mountains.

November to January, however, chances of snow above 2,800 m higher areas however day will be fine with some sunshine and cold in the morn and late afternoon time and in shades.

July to mid-September clouded with monsoon rains (wet months) but very green with many moistures.

The best time will be from March to May when wildflowers are in full bloom around 2,000 m to 3,000 m high and the tree lines and vegetation declines for rough arctic terrain, the temperature will be 15 to 20 degree Celsius during the day with sunlight, morning and evening can be much cooler with minimum of -0 to 05 degree Celsius not counting the wind chill factors.

Above 3,000m high day will be clear with strong sunlight and UV (due to less oxygen and atmospheric pressure), where strong sunscreens and creams required to protect your skins and as well using good sun/snow glass to avoid strong and bright reflection of snow and sunlight.

Mid-September to December will be the clearest weather but with short days minimum of -05 to -10 degree Celsius in the morning and night time with the maximum of 15-20 degree during the day in full sunlight, also depends upon the altitude and areas of trekking.

December to March will be the coldest months with chances of snows with the minimum of -10 to -15 degree Celsius with maximum 15-18 degree Celsius without wind chill factor, however, most of the daytime will be clear with a fine blue sky.

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