Clothing and Equipment

Trekking is done in cold, high and remote areas. So we need different clothing and equipment for trekking, Most of the things needed for trekking are available in Kathmandu and Pokhara.

Clothing for Trekking

  1. Trekking or good walking shoes for making your walk easier and comfortable
  2. A track suit and a pair of lightweight shoes or sandals to wear in tea houses and camp at night
  3. Two pairs of woolen and cotton socks for trekking
  4. Warm down jacket and rainproof jacket with hood for protection from rain
  5. Woolen hat for the cold and sun hat for sunny days
  6. A pair of woolen gloves
  7. Two cotton T-shirts and two pairs of fitting long shorts/skirts
  8. Woolen shirts and thick sweaters as well as wind and water proof trousers
  9. Pair of light or heavy weight trousers and one light weight long sleeve shirt
  10. Thermal undergarments for cold temperatures

Equipment for Trekking

  1. Trekking or duffle bag to carry trekking gear
  2. Trekking daypack for personal carrying materials
  3. Cold weather sleeping bag
  4. Water purification tablet and water bottle
  5. Snow and sun glasses, walking poles and umbrella
  6. Small torch light and head light with spare batteries
  7. Sun block lotion for skin and lips
  8. Handkerchief or hand wipes
  9. Money belt and first-aid kit
  10. Reading materials, notebook, trekking maps, binoculars, pens, camera, I-Phone, pocket knife, games like cards, chess etc.

Trekking equipment and clothing is available in Kathmandu and Pokhara. Holiday Tours Nepal can recommend shops with reasonable prices. If you do not want to buy it you can easily rent what you need at reasonable prices.