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Our Mission

Our Mission, Vision and Values

As a holiday organizer, Holiday Tours Nepal is on a clear mission to improve touristic activities, trekking trails and cultural sightseeing places in Nepal! Leaving every place better as it was, is one of Holiday Tours Nepal’s main mottos and stated in our mission: 

  • Take care of the environment
  • Provide sustainable tourism
  • Give the best service at the lowest cost possible
  • Discover new activities and trails

Using these statements as guidelines to organize holiday packages in Nepal, Holiday Tours Nepal has had great success in keeping tourists happy and ensuring they get the experience of a lifetime!

Furthermore, it is Holiday Tours Nepal’s vision to provide great services at the lowest cost possible! This not only lets you enjoy more of Nepal, but also helps the local communities grow by handicraft souvenir selling etc. Holiday Tours Nepal, donates 2% of every booked package to social charities in order to provide support to the local communities and in preserving the environment. During every trip organized in Nepal, we do not only show you around, but also let you interact with the local cultures and traditions of Nepal, this creates unique memories and makes sure you get the best experience out of your precious holiday!

When we organize a holiday we, set up some values in order to set us apart from the competition. Holiday Tours Nepal handles everything from transportation, accommodation and tour or trekking guide services to provide you with valuable info during your holiday in Nepal. Also, Holiday Tours Nepal takes great care in your comfort during any of our trips or treks in Nepal, this also greatly improves your holiday’s quality with us!

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