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Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel with Holiday Tours Nepal

Responsible Travel means a great deal to Holiday Tours Nepal. Leaving every place visited better than it was is one of our main philosophies! Responsible Travel is a combined group of things to look out for and be mindful off while traveling. With tourism always increasing and once virgin tracks becoming crowded trails, travelling can leave a big impact on the environment, and even local communities. That is why Holiday Tours Nepal focusses on leaving a positive impact during all its trekking and touring holiday packages in Nepal. When you think about Responsible Travel you think immediately about terms like Sustainable tourism and Eco-Friendly Tourism. Which is correct!

Sustainable Tourism
Sustainable tourism comes about helping rural communities develop by hiring local people for guiding, porter and even transportation jobs. Making use of local village hotels and shops allows the community to grow economically and basically also benefiting from the tourism sector. Which is great! As that way even poor communities get the chance to earn and prosper to a better future! Holiday Tours Nepal makes no exception when it comes to Sustainable Tourism. Over many years our team developed good relations with all the rural villages on the trekking trails in Nepal. This in turn made it possible to hire more young and local people, provide them with an education in tourism and help them to grow! Furthermore, Holiday Tours Nepal uses only local accommodations and shops amongst its trekking packages in Nepal to further boost the local economy.

Eco-friendly Tourism
So what does Eco-friendly tourism mean? It’s quite simple, leave the earth greener as it was yesterday! With traveling comes a lot of waste and in some cases disruption to the local fauna and flora. This can also be seen in Nepal, as most of the Himalayas are transformed in trekking trails, and climbing routes, more and more tourism heads to the mountains. With an increase in population comes an increase in waste! That’s why we strongly promote Eco-Friendly tourism treks and tours in Nepal. Holiday Tours Nepal, takes care to provide strict guidelines in waste management during a trek in Nepal, by for example promoting recycling, making use of water filters such as LifeStraw instead of buying plastic water bottles, and by even organizing programs in rural villages to educate on proper waste management. Besides waste, we always make sure to leave every place visited better as it was before! In the Nepalese hills and Himalayas live a lot of animals that are sadly growing extinct such as the Red Panda or the Snow Leopard, this is mostly because of human involvement of their natural habitats. Holiday Tours Nepal makes sure that we do not belong in that category and make sure to not disturb the local flora and fauna. 

Providing in Responsible Tourism lets us insure that future generations can keep on enjoying traveling to unknown places and see those once a lifetime natural scenes! Take part with Holiday Tours Nepal in Responsible Tourism, and book your trip today! From every booking 2% will also be donated to social organizations focusing on helping the environment and local communities. 

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