Responsible Travel

Responsible travel means one of the driving principles of Explore and views the new place nature, culture and lifestyle of people. Holiday Tours Nepal cares deeply about traveling in a different path that positively impacts the people and places which help in the new experience a new world. Holiday Tours Nepal understands how a responsible approach can help us to reduce operational costs, develop more authentic products and establish cooperative relations with nearby communities and localities. Traveling to far-flung places gives everyone a wonderful opportunity to experience cultures that are so different from own culture.

Holiday Planner Nepal ensures people who work for exploring are treated fairly and paid fair wages. Ensure that local people benefit economically by employing them as leaders, guides, and drivers as well as respect the customs and culture. We minimize our impact on the environment by reducing waste and supporting conservation projects. We run an affiliated with a non-government organization that is committed to providing the much-needed health and education facilities to remote areas of Nepal. we support rural development projects by contributing the US $ 5 of the profit generated from each person, have directly uplifted the living standard of the local people, orphanage and disable. Participate in different program organize for the sake of environmental balance.

our contribution to progress:

  • Deaf welfare society
  • Home for orphan