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Dipak Lamichhane

Dipak Lamichhane


Mr. Dipak Lamichhane a pioneer in the tourism sector, and a philanthropist by heart started he’s career in 1997 where he worked for 1 year as a trekking porter, learning the tourist trekking trails in the Himalayas. It was the next year that he started to learn about guiding as well and in 1999 he become a fully licensed trekking guide. After guiding tourists for 13 years safely through the Himalayas, Mr. Dipak Lamichhane saw a gap in the market and opened he’s own business with vision to provide an even better service to all who want to enjoy the Himalayas. “I want to create better opportunities not only for tourism but most of all for the local communities who we visit during treks in Nepal. By organizing new routes and trekking trails more villages can be visited and this in turn helps the local economy grow to allow for development of these rural villages.” With this Mr. Dipak Lamichhane continues he’s work focusing on sustainable tourism and eco-friendly tourism. “Organizing social and charitable events to spread awareness about under education in the rural areas and create more jobs for Nepalese who would otherwise head to other countries to find work, has been one of the main pillars of my work!”

Now owing a few businesses, all of Mr. Dipak Lamichhane’s companies donate to charities and support poor families with education and sponsorships.

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