Terms and Conditions

Booking terms and conditions are very important for you and Holiday Planner Nepal which is an incorporated company under the legal binding of Nepal Government and provides a legal relationship between us. we encourage you to understand it carefully.

Booking and payment policy

  • The trip price is quoted in the US $.
  •  All payments can be made in Foreign Exchange that is changeable by Nepal Government.
  •  15% of Full payment should be made in advance either by telex
  •  Transfer to our bank account or by credit card using our website.
  •  IF by credit card:(please contact us)-4% bank commission for card processing fees.

Cancellation Refund Policy

We provide free cancellation but remember that a written notification of your cancellation must be sent to us as soon as you decide to cancel a tour booked by you. The cancellation notice must be clearly given and should be valid with the approval of the company.

And if  Holiday Planner Nepal Pvt. Ltd. decides or gets forced to cancel your booked trip for any reason(s), be assured that an alternative tour will be offered to you by us. If the offered trip does not suit you then we reserve the right to cancel the trip to make a full refund of the amount that you paid back to you. However, we cannot be held liable for any damages and claims.

Passport and Visas
Passport must be valid at least 6 months from return date. Nepalese visa can get from Nepalese Consulate of your country or from an airport of Nepal. The client should be responsible for the cost of the visa.

Trekking Planner will ask for some important and necessary documents from you for legal use and to fulfill the government laws only. We will not be disclosed your any documents for any other purposes. We will always put your documents safe and secured.

Risk & Liabilities
While undertaking tours and trekking activities, Trekking planner will not be responsible for any unusual cases like accident, damages, loss, delay, flight delay and cancellation and any other natural disaster. Trekking Planner reserves the right to modify any arrangements required by and made on behalf of clients.

Personal travel insurance is not included in tour price quoted. Every effort is made to ensure the safety of all. However, as a condition of accepting you on the trip, we insist on you having a personal comprehensive travel insurance policy.

Complaints and Comments
Complaints about a tour must firstly be known by a leader or a guide and will able to take right action and to the company, if not solved. We will always there in your touch even in the tour and trekking so that we can solve your problem very soon. After every tour, you are free to comment us whether that can be negative or positive. You are a part of our family company after you do any tours or trekking so that you can give any feedback or suggestion even from your residence.