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Trekking Grade

Nepal is the best trekking destination in the world, with altitude variations from 600m to 8848m. It includes all trekking grades making the difficulties of a trek dependent on various factors. The main reason for grading the trekking difficulty is to offer each person a trek from easy to really challenging. Regarding the grading of a trek, Holiday Tours Nepal has factored in the total duration of the trek, the condition of the terrain, the maximum difference in altitude per day, the time spent at high altitude above 3000m, night temperatures, remoteness and walking conditions.

Holiday Tours Nepal suggests you choose a grade according to your health condition, physical fitness and experience for trekking in remote areas and high altitude. Judge your fitness level for your most suitable grade.

Grade 01 (Easy)

In this trekking grade, any person can trek these routes if they lead a reasonably active and fit life without prior experience. Easy trekking is generally between 900m to 2500m altitude from sea level and walking must not exceed 5 to 6 hours a day. Easy trekking is suitable for couples with young children or the elderly.

Grade 02 (Moderate)

A Moderate trek is quite harder in comparison to an easy trek. The moderate trek includes 5 to 7 hours walking each day between the altitudes of 1500m – 3200m. Grade two requires some previous hill walking or moderate walking experience. Even an aged person or a child who is fit and has walking experience can be fit enough to do this trekking.

Grade 03 (Strenuous)

Strenuous trekking requires previous experiences of some moderate or easy trekking. Someone who is suffering from high blood pressure, asthma, heart disease and complicated medical condition should not try this trekking. Strenuous trekking includes 5 to 6 hours walking each day up to the altitude of 4000m. Only a physically and mentally fit person can do this grade of trekking.

Grade 04 (Very Strenuous)

Very strenuous trekking requires some previous mountain hiking experience. The elevations range from 3500m to 5500m with approximately 5-6 hours walking per day. Trekkers must be fully supported by a trekking agency. Some of the trekking days can be difficult and long. To do this trek you must be fit to walk in remote and snow-covered passes.

Grade 05 (Challenging)

Challenging trek is limited to a person who is in excellent health, capable of carrying a backpack, able to cross glaciers and snow, mountaineering skills with knowledge and experience of walking in the remote wilderness. Trekkers must be fully supported by a trekking agency. The elevations range is higher than 5500m and approximately 5-6 hours walking per day. This challenging trek is usually peak Climbing and mountaineering.

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