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Type of trekking

Nepal as a trekkers’ paradise. Trekking can be organized in different ways in Nepal. But basically, there are two types of trekking in Nepal.

Teahouse/Lodge trekking

The Teahouse trek in Nepal means staying in local lodges or hotels along your route, providing a comfortable bed and meals. Lodge trekking in Nepal is the most popular and cheapest way of trekking in Nepal. All prices are inclusive, with a well-trained guide and porter for carrying your personal belongings.

You do not need camping equipment since you are using teahouse sand lodges along the way. Tea houses give you a trouble free holiday trek along the planned routes. Holiday Tours Nepal provides you with the best accommodation in the area, and a hot meal. Trekking areas in Nepal where these facilities are available are in the Everest region, Annapurna region, Langtang region, Manaslu region and are expanding on other regions and routes in Nepal. Locals are also benefiting as they can sell their products and trekkers can know more about local culture and the lifestyle of its people.

Camp trekking

The Tented or Camping trek is the classic and earlier style of trekking in Nepal. Camp trekking can be organized all over the nation. The entire price is inclusive of accommodations, Meals, and human resources. Accommodation and all meals are provided inside the tented camp. Holiday Tours Nepal is responsible for all the arrangements except losses such as natural disasters and emergency evacuation.

Holiday Tours Nepal provides all trekking and camping equipment, service, security and accommodation comfort which are required during trekking with a licensed and well-trained guide, a chef for cooking food during the trek and porters. Holiday Tours Nepal chooses the best spots for setting up tents. In Nepal camp trekking is expensive but you can experience more remote areas and adventure than Tea house trekking. Mainly camp trek is operated in Upper Mustang, Upper Dolpo, Kanchenjunga, Makalu, Ganesh Himal and in other unbeaten paths of Nepal.

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