16th April 2018

Visit Nepal after Monsoon

Visit Nepal after Monsoon

After the devastating earthquake in Nepal, most of the tourist are confused whether to visit Nepal after the monsoon or not due to the expected impacts of the coming monsoon. Indeed the trekking in Nepal has slowed down; apparently, the trekking will take some time to revive. Monsoon is approaching we are going to have to wait and see the real impact of the quake on trekking route. Geographically, the land mass of Terai is much more stable and the impact is next to none. The places like Chitwan national park, Lumbini, Bardia national park have lots of potentials. Tourism in this area will restore soon.

Definitely, the earthquake has slow down the travel sequence in Nepal but the gradual process of recovery has begun and few numbers of tourists have started to come to Nepal. I am not saying that it’s completely safe but most of the tourist attractions are safe. Research in most popular areas of trekking, including the Annapurna region and Everest says there was some damage in the Everest region, but many people will barely notice. The Langtang valley used to be Nepal’s third-busiest trekking destination, popular with independent “tea-house” trekkers and accessible by bus. But the valley suffered some of the worst destruction during the earthquake as a huge landslide swept off the peak of Langtang Lirung to bury the village below.

Almost 400 people died, including about 60 trekkers. Despite the damage, and continuing landslides, a local relief agency is organizing two volunteer treks in the autumn to Langtang, and a memorial trek has been scheduled for spring. Right now the major problem is travel insurance. Because of the negative travel advisory was given by UK government, travelers from the UK are scared though the British mountaineering council is offering insurance for trekkers, including to Kathmandu, though only on a case-by-case to the most affected area.

While the damage from April’s earthquake will take years to overcome, Nepal is making progress in its bid to attract visitors back for the autumn trekking season, so help us to rebuild Nepal by visiting after monsoon and support us to restore beautiful Nepal.

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