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Why is TIMS Necessary ?

A Trekkers Information Management System (TIMS) card is to ensure your safety and security. All important details regarding all trekkers and trekking routes shall be maintained in a computerized Database Management System which can be used for the trekkers’ safety and security. In order to carry out search and rescue operations for trekkers in case of natural calamities and other accidents, this database includes personal details of trekkers, dates, the trekking area, trekking routes, handling agencies, duration, etc. The data generated from the system will also be useful to all concerned stakeholders such as tourism organizations, Government agencies, diplomatic missions, tour operators, research institute, etc.

Unauthorized trekking operations will be controlled, thus, resulting in better management of trekking services, which will not only benefit trekkers and field staff but also trekking companies and Government agencies. Occasional untoward incidents will also be better prevented. Plus, TIMS contributes to better management of sustainable mountain tourism development in Nepal.

How to get a TIMS card?

Trekking companies will collect your data and enter it in the central database and then provide trekkers with a TIMS card after paying the permit for that trek.

A TIMS Card is compulsory for trekking in all the areas in the country. However, TIMS cards aren’t required for the following:

  • Expedition members with mountaineering permits issued by the government and Nepal Mountaineering Association
  • Visitors to controlled areas having permits issued by the Department of Immigration
  • Foreign guests invited by the Government of Nepal
  • Authorities from the various diplomatic missions present in the country, who hold official letters and travel at their own risk
  • Visitors on certain missions recommended by concerned Governmental Department(s)
  • Foreign Nationals possessing a residential visa.

Documents Required

To obtain the TIMS Card you need:

  • Copy of Passport
  • Two (2) Passport-size Photographs.

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